"I had been thinking about remodeling since I first purchased my second home in the Catskills 16 years ago. I was reluctant to trust a contractor so far from home to manage the project in my absence, which always kept me from doing it sooner.  

We went from initially adding a second bathroom, to leveling the whole structure down to the foundation. Quite an undertaking in my eyes. I was mildly terrified.

After design was complete I met several contractors , including Jay and his team, to go over the project and start talking numbers. From the first meeting I knew I had found someone I could trust, who had the vision and skills to take it from a rundown weekend house to a beautiful home.

So as I start moving furniture into my amazing new home, I am truly astonished at just how easy it was working with Jay to complete this project. We joke that it's the house we built by text. I would get an idea and text it to Jay. He would get an idea about a detail or design and text it to me. It was rarely necessary for me to drive the 2 hours to discuss details or see something in person, because I had found a contractor that I believed in.

Jay is a true artist and an amazing craftsman who takes great pride in what he does. We stayed on budget and schedule from start to finish with stunning outcome.

So in the end, I don't just have a new house, but a real work of art far beyond my  greatest expectations.

Thank you Jay!"


Michael Pezzolla

New Jersey



"Jay Perrotta does exceptional work while keeping prices affordable. He keeps the relationship professional, cooperative and pleasant and finishes the work on time and on budget. He provides excellent suggestions to the customer and when he is allowed to be creative, the result is beautiful and artistic. His work site is neat and clean and he does his best to suit the client’s needs."

Barbara Valocore

President, Lifebridge Foundation